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Ready to take your business to the online world? Well, there is just one problem. It is a hard nut to crack. The world of social media is not static and rapidly evolving. So, you can’t only implement a single strategy and hope that it works. Implementing a proper social media marketing strategy is a must for you to succeed. The best to implement the top-notch strategy is by taking professional help from an individual or Social Media Marketing Agency.

Hiring just any random agency will not bring in results. You need to find the best possible one. So, in this article, our goal is to inform you how you can find the most credible agency to work with. We understand creating your online presence is a must. But remember, there is a difference between creating your online presence and brand awareness. So, we will not waste any more of your time and start this guide.

Finding Credible Social Media Marketing Agency

The topic of this article may reflect that it is for Pakistani business owners. But that’s not the case, we aim to inform all the business owners around the world about finding a credible social marketing agency. So, here is a method that you should follow.

1.Create a checklist

Before searching for any agency, create a checklist of your needs and what you want from your social media marketing campaign. It is always preferred to have some knowledge about the industry that you are about to indulge in.

  1. Create a list of things that you want from an agency. This list can be random so, put your thoughts in writing as per your understanding.
  2. Create a checklist for your conversation points with the agency.
  3. Also, create a checklist of your research methods for the agency.

You might be wondering why is all that important, the answer is simple, the more you research the better agency you will be able to find.

2. Start Searching on Different Platforms and Check What Customers Say About them.

The next step is to start finding the agency you want. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms are a great way to find agencies. But how do you know if they actually say what they are?

The review mechanism of our country is not on par with some developed countries. People don’t like to leave proper reviews sometimes, so you might find an agency with a few credible reviews and an agency with 1000 reviews that seem fake. So, here is what you should do to find the most credible ones.

  1. Look at the reviews
  2. If you can’t find good reviews visit their website and check out the portfolio
  3. Look at the social media posts and comments
  4. Compare their packages, remember cheaper is not always better.

Testimonials can Help you Track Past Clients.

We know that testimonials are usually self-written words of mouth, and the credibility of those words cannot be trusted. But here is the catch, usually when a company uploads a testimonial, they will leave the person name or company name on it. Usually, client confidentiality is important, but this is a loophole that you can use to contact past clients.

Once you find who left the review, try contacting them by using official protocols. Write a proper business email to verify the credibility of the company and their testimonial.

3. Judge their Customer Dealing Methods and Ideas.

The next step is to arrange a meeting with them, and after several meetings, try judging their style of handling customers. Maybe you might not be able to see their dealings with other customers, but you can get an idea after several meetings with them.

Ideas are a great way to know how creative and credible a company is. Ask them to pitch you with their ideas and show some ideas that worked in the past. If they agree with your gut then you can proceed. Remember, It’s all about results.

4. Ask the Social Media Marketing Agency for Results Before Payment.

Well, we know that if you find a credible agency, they will charge you upfront or after project completion. But marketing is a long process it takes time to work. What you can do is try making a deal with them where you only pay them the full amount after the results start showing up. Also, offer bonuses if they are better than expected.

What this does is it helps motivate the agency to focus more on your project. On the other hand, it helps your project as well. Furthermore, tell them that you will start paying upfront in the upcoming projects if this one works out. 

We hope that you find our resource informative.

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